The Career Essentials Implementation Training: Get Trained, Get Certified!

Updated: Apr 13

One of the best aspects of the SkillsUSA Career Essentials Experiences is that it is a "turn-key" curriculum. The lesson plans ready-made and provided. The e-modules are self-guided, and the quizzes are scored by the learning management system (LMS). All the grading rubrics are created for you as well. But as the instructor, you still have several important roles - and with those, questions! Before beginning Career Essentials, many instructors ask:

1. How do I pace the learning events so that students finish their course on time?

2. How do I present the Kick-Off Presentation at the start of each unit?

3. How do I reward learners for earning a credential, micro-credential, or unit badge?

4. How do I monitor student progress and provide good feedback?

5. How do I "grade" project activities?

To help you answer these questions and more, the Career Essentials Implementation Training is included in the cost of any order of Career Essentials. In this 3-hour virtual training offered multiple times each month, you'll learn how to implement Career Essentials most effectively as an instructor. Some instructors only attend the 3-hour virtual session. However, after the 3-hour virtual training session, you also have an option to complete 4 written tasks that relate to your own Career Essentials implementation plan. Upon completion and approval of the four tasks, you will become a Career Essentials Certified Teacher. This professional development piece is a great boost to your own resume and to satisfy P.D. requirements for your position. Ready to get started? Register for an upcoming Career Essentials Implementation Training by clicking here!

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