Use Aborb's IMPERSONATE Feature and PC's Snipping Tool to Answer Student Questions From Anywhere

Especially when teaching remotely, you may sometimes find yourself wishing you could see what a learner is seeing when the learner logs into his/her account. If you were in the same room as a student, you would simply point to where a student would click to upload an project activity, or how to evaluate a unit once complete. The good news is, you can perform these functions easily and remotely with the IMPERSONATE feature.

Using Absorb's IMPERSONATE feature, you can visit the Learner Dashboard and courses of any of your learners as if you were that particular learner. You will see precisely what the learner will see when he or she logs in and can even take actions on the learner's behalf while "logged in" as the learner. Simply follow these instructions: How to IMPERSONATE a student.

As you may already be aware, PC's Snipping tool is a pre-installed app you already have on your computer. "Snipping tool" allows you to copy just a small section of your screen and "paste" the screen snip as an image in an email or document. For example, let's say one of your learners doesn't know where to upload project activities. To provide guidance, you would IMPERSONATE the student, access the student's course, take a screen snip of the upload tab (and perhaps highlight it) and email the screensnip as an image to the student.

How to Use PC's Snipping Tool:

1. Click the bar on the bottom of your PC next to the Windows Icon.

2. Type "Snipping Tool" in the Search Bar.

3. A new window will appear. Click "New" in the upper-right hand corner of the new window.

4. Your cursor will now work like a "Crop" tool. Crop the section of the screen that you want to show to your student.

5. You can draw on the "screen snip" or highlight parts of the screen snip.

6. Use Cntrl + C and Cntrl + V to copy and past the screensnip into the body of an email to your learner - or in a Word .doc.

By using Absorb's IMPERSONATE feature, you can see what any of your learner's see when they login to their account. (Remember, any action you take while impersonating a learner takes effect!) By using PC's Snipping Tool, you can send learner's images of their own Learner Dashboard. For more information about the IMPERSONATE tool, go the the Admin Instructions Course in your own My Courses tile!

The image below shows the location of the IMPERSONATE button, which is in the ACTIONS MENU that appears when a box is checked next to a learner's name.